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Manta Aircraft creates a new possibility of regional and interregional air mobility. The scalable platform of vertical and short take-off and landing eVTOL air vehicles consisting of several models is characterised above all by its long range, its low infrastructure requirements and the comparatively low TCO (total costs of ownership) compared to comparable helicopters. This enables tailored point-to-point travel experiences between different cities or destinations that are hundreds of kilometers apart.

This performance is primarily based on the unique winged aircraft design and the more environmentally friendly hybrid-electric propulsion, which further contributes to the decarbonisation of aviation.

The Manta Aircraft team consists of several highly experienced specialists in all the technologies involved in the program, led by a specialised leadership team and advised by top aerospace managers who, among other things, were responsible for the development of the most modern Leonardo (AgustaWestland) helicopters.

Manta Aircraft is headquartered in Sesto Calende, Varese, in the middle of beautiful Lombardy - with other subsidiaries such as Manta Aircraft Inc. in the USA as well as teams and contacts around the world.

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