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New Board of Directors Appointed to Lead Manta Aircraft into a
Promising Future

September 11, 2023

Manta Aircraft is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Board of Directors. Joining the board are former Agusta Westland top managers including Giuseppe Orsi, Fabio Nannoni, and Sergio Biganzoli, as well as Eugenio Cremascoli from Avionord.

Sesto Calende, Italy – September 11, 2023 – Manta Aircraft is excited to unveil the restructuring of its new board, effective as of July 2023. This strategic move is a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to enhance corporate governance, foster innovation, and drive further growth.

The newly appointed Board of Directors brings together a diverse group of experienced professionals and experts, each of whom boasts a proven track record in aviation top management, helicopter and aircraft design, marketing, and operations. Their collective experience and vision will play a pivotal role in steering Manta Aircraft through the upcoming phases of development and expansion.

A primary focus is to secure the next financing round (currently open) for finalizing the platform design, developing core subsystems, and producing two 1:1 scale prototypes of the agile 2-seater model and drone, based on the hybrid-electric eVSTOL platform "ANN" with extended range, by the first half of 2025, thought for categories like the Experimental Aircraft, Defence, and specific Utility and Service applications.

Lucas Marchesini, CEO of Manta Aircraft, stated, "Our continuous growth and progress demanded this targeted realignment to be optimally positioned for impending milestones. We are extremely pleased to welcome these aviation heavyweights, who bring valuable expertise and know-how to our company."

The newly appointed members of the Board of Directors are:

Giuseppe Orsi

After graduating in Aeronautical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, Orsi started his long and successful career in the Italian aero industry, in 1973 with SIAI Marchetti. After the firm was incorporated in Agusta, he was appointed to hold a series of key management positions of home and international operations, including the joint venture with Bell Helicopters for the BA (then AW) 609 Tiltrotor program. In 2004 he was appointed CEO of AgustaWestland, and in 2011 he became the CEO and Chairman of Finmeccanica (now Leonardo), the main Italian hi-tech industrial conglomerate.


Fabio Nannoni

Fabio Nannoni received his Master`s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 1982. During his career he developed more than 50 proprietary codes in the field of helicopter flight science and analysis, which are still actively used in the company`s design process. He has participated, with increasing responsibility, in the management of complex projects in multinational and multicultural environments, like: the A109 Power, the A129 International, the definition of the joint venture platforms such as the EH101 (now AW101) and NH90; the new “AW Family" composed by AW139, AW169 and AW189 and the tiltrotors: the AW609 and the ERICA advanced configuration. In his career, spanning nearly 40 years, all spent in the rotary-wing field, he touched all the disciplines, ranging from preliminary design to the management of Design Organization Approval (DOA) and the Airworthiness of the helicopters in service. As Senior Vice President for Engineering, Nannoni has led, from 2009 to 2019, the company`s engineering directorate through huge technological challenges, fostering an innovative culture and interfacing internal and external Customers and Suppliers. Since 2019 to 2021 he was named Senior Vice President for Safety System Governance creating the new Company's Safety System in compliance with the new emerging international Rules. In 2021 he was named "Honorary Fellow" by the RAeS, the most prestigious award given by the famous English Aeronautical Society and was selected by American Vertical Flight Society to hold the 41st Nikolsky Lecture: the most important recognition given to peoples that, all along their career, distinguished in the field of rotary wings and technology. Since October 2021 he retired.


Sergio Biganzoli, CFO

Sergio Biganzoli served as CFO of AgustaWestland for nearly 8 years, a role at one of the world's most significant helicopter companies, and brings additional experience in financial management and consultancy, including within the aerospace industry.

Eugenio Cremascoli – CEO Avionord

Mr. Cremascoli has successfully led several enterprises in the health and medical sectors, from incorporation till maturity. NGC Medical Spa was acquired by Medtronic Inc. in 2014 and XVIVO Italy Srl, a spin off of the medical division of Avionord, was acquired by XVIVO AB in 2023. He currently owns and manage with his family Columbus Clinic in Milano. Since 2008 he also leads the steady growth of Avionord, based in Milan Linate airport, operating 7 business jets. Avionord medical division is the main national player in the transportation of transplantation organs.

These aviation heavyweights complement the existing members of the Board of Directors:

Lucas Marchesini, CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman:

With a Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and an MBA from SDA Bocconi, Lucas Marchesini has been involved in aviation, both professionally and as a competitive glider pilot and VLA pilot. He designed his first light aircraft before completing his university studies. With experience at Pilatus Aircraft and Calidus, he has also worked in several other industries with a common theme of cutting-edge technology: Formula 1 and other motorsports, simulation, semiconductors, electronics, medical devices, scientific software, and blockchain. Throughout his career, he co-founded several startups, and his greatest passion remains in aircraft.

Juanjo Espinosa, CDO, Co-Founder:

With over 30 years of experience providing engineering and design services for renowned automotive manufacturers and motorsport collaborations, Juanjo Espinosa brings a wealth of experience in transport vehicles design and development.

Michael Mesaric, COO, Co-Founder:

With almost two decades of experience in marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and operations within international agency networks, Michael Mesaric brings extensive expertise across various industries.



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For further inquiries:

Michael Mesaric, Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & Operations,

About Manta Aircraft:

Manta Aircraft is the OEM of a long range hybrid-electric eV/STOL (Vertical and Short Take Off and Landing) platform. Several models on the same base technologies, piloted or unmanned, fit to several markets and missions such as customers operating in utility & service aircraft market, business aviation and defense sector facing the problem that helicopters are expensive to use and maintain, while aircraft are confined to runways. Manta Aircraft has engineered a solution that significantly reduces costs compared to conventional helicopters used for regional missions. Furthermore, it is not bound by traditional infrastructure limitations. The aircraft can take off and land without the need of a special infrastructure, giving unprecedented accessibility and enabling to reach areas previously inaccessible or difficult to reach. The platform is designed to lowering carbon footprints and making a positive impact on the environment adopting greener propulsion systems, that can also evolve in time as soon as new technologies become available. Compared to eVTOL Air Taxis, Manta Aircraft targets a regional and interregional market, offering long range and high cruising speed.

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