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February 4, 2022

The former senior vice president of engineering at Leonardo Helicopters (previously named Agusta) and a multi-award-winning expert in vertical lift and covertiplanes, joins Manta Aircraft in his role as technical advisor.


Sesto Calende, Italy – January 31, 2022 – With Fabio Nannoni, former Senior Vice President of engineering and Senior Vice President for Safety System Governance at Leonardo, the next top aerospace manager joins the advisory board of Manta Aircraft. With a career spanning almost 40 years and extensive expertise in vertical lift and convertiplanes, he will support the technical team around Lucas Marchesini, Juanjo Espinosa and Ashley Appleton in the development of the multi-model eV/STOL platform "ANN" based on the unique design and hybrid-electric propulsion. In 2021 Fabio Nannoni was named "Honorary Fellow" by the RAeS, the most prestigious award given by the famous English Aeronautical Society and was selected by American Vertical Flight Society to hold the 41st Nikolsky Lecture: the most important recognition given to peoples that, all along their career, distinguished in the field of rotary wings and technology.


This follows Giuseppe Orsi, former CEO and Chairman of Leonardo, who also joined Manta Aircraft as advisor to the board of directors already in 2021.


Lucas Marchesini, co-founder and CEO of Manta Aircraft: "With Fabio, we have not only gained a fantastic personality for our team, but also a proven expert in the field of modern air mobility and a very experienced engineer, with whom we can once again significantly accelerate the progress of Manta Aircraft."

"This underlines the potential of the program and the high interest in our mobility solution for a new, more efficient and environmentally-friendly regional air mobility, which also offers new opportunities through the vertical take-off and landing capability, but also through the combination of VTOL and STOL operation and the low infrastructure requirements. We are proud to have Fabio on our side." adds Michael Mesaric, co-founder and responsible for marketing and strategic operations.


Fabio Nannoni was the "father" of most modern Agusta helicopters such as A109 Power, A129, the new "AW family" with AW139, AW169 and AW189, and the AW609 tilt-rotor helicopter. He made a significant contribution to the EH/AW101 and NH90 as well as the advanced ERICA configuration.







Manta Aircraft is developing a range of performance-oriented hybrid-electric vertical and short take-off and landing air vehicles (heV/STOL) for regional air mobility and plans to begin certification of the first two-seat, multi-purpose model ANN2 in early 2023.


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For further inquiries:

Michael Mesaric

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing, +43 699 1 897 28 48,


Andrea Artoni

Communications & External Relations, +41 764 02 15 64,


About Manta Aircraft

MANTA AIRCRAFT is a high-tech engineering and design company engaged in the development of multi-purpose aerial platforms and different models of hybrid-electric V/STOL vehicles for advanced air mobility. Company’s innovative and flexible mission in the near future is focused on high-performance high energy-efficient products tailored to customers’ specifications for a wide range of applications and inter-regional operations.

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